Sporting Opportunities

At Theale C of E Primary School, pupils have the opportunity to take part in many sporting teams, activities and clubs outside of their normal physical education.

All children participate in a range of sports and have a chance to develop their skills throughout the year during PE lessons. They also have weekly dance lessons that are delivered by our specialist dance teacher. We feel very strongly that the PE curriculum has a hugely positive effect on our children and their achievements across the board. During PE lessons in KS2 all children will benefit from specialist gymnastics teaching from a qualified gymnastics coach.

In addition to PE and dance lessons, many of our children have an opportunity to participate in sporting events at tournaments and inter school matches. These are mainly accessible to Key Stage 2 children but there are also some events for KS1.

The events that our children have competed in over recent years have been: cross country, football, tag rugby, netball, archery, ten pin bowling, gymnastics. For most of these events we hold trials which every child in the appropriate age range is encouraged to attend. We have the most incredible uptake with this with around 80% of each class trialing for each sport. The children feel valued and supported simply for attending the trials.

We always strive for the highest standards of achievement and to encourage this we employ gymnastics and football coaches. These coaches train selected squads concentrating on developing Gifted and Talented children with a view to competing at school and county level.