School Trips

We like to take the whole school on trips that allow them to widen their horizons. Trips we have undertaken in the past include; visits to The National Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral and a trip to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Lion King.  We also endeavour to take children out of school for class educational trips to really bring the curriculum to life.  This will include many ‘outdoor learning’ experiences, such as lambing at Rushall Farm.

Certain school trips or activities may incur travel costs, fees, admission charges or insurance premiums. To cover these costs the parents will be asked to make voluntary contributions to the school funds.  No child will be excluded if their parents have not made a contribution. However, if insufficient money is collected from the voluntary contributions to cover the costs of the activity or trip it may have to be cancelled for all pupils.

A compulsory charge can be made in the following circumstances:

  • Board and lodging on residential visits whether they take place in or out of school hours. This charge can be remitted for some pupils where there are genuine cases of hardship.
  • Optional extras/activities that take place wholly or mainly outside school hours, but which are not provided as part of the syllabus for a prescribed examination and are not required to fulfil statutory duties relating to the National Curriculum or to Religious Education.

Residential Visits

A residential “Work Week” is arranged each year for the Year 6 children and the children in year four spend two nights away at Ufton Court.