Vision & Values

The importance of an individual child’s education should never be underestimated. His/her education is the major factor in creating life opportunities. Theale CE Primary School with the help of all outside agencies will provide the best education that a child can receive.

The staff and school will be effective and enable children to reach the highest standards possible. The school will develop a child’s knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and create an awareness of moral values and capacity for enjoyment. This will give children the vital skills they will need in later life.

Every child will be regarded and valued as an individual person with academic potential, needs, problems and aspirations; a person who can make a distinct contribution to the life of the school.

The school will provide an exciting and stimulating learning environment where the children will be able to learn, create and experience and where their efforts are celebrated by being displayed.

The school will be well organised, efficient, and well resourced.

Parents, pupils and staff will create a warm and happy atmosphere in which the children will be willing to accept responsibility for their behaviour and their work.

Children will be encouraged to have an understanding, sympathy and tolerance for cultures and societies other than their own. The care and concern we show for our children will help them to develop both self-respect and sensitivity to others.

A good rapport between pupil, teacher and parents is the corner stone for security and success for each and every child. The years that the child spends in this school are formative years, when they discover themselves, their individuality, their abilities, their interests and their strengths. Their talents may display themselves in many ways. We will provide a vehicle for these talents to be nurtured, encouraged, developed and praised.