Parents and the Community

Theale is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School. As a church school we teach explicit shared Christian values to our children, we try to show them the importance of being committed to a set of values by which we live our lives.

We spend the majority of our Worship time teaching about the Christian faith, beliefs and traditions including: knowledge of the Bible, Christian practices - celebrations in the church calendar and Christian hymns. We visit our local church regularly and on special occasions like Harvest and Easter, and our local vicar comes into school to lead worship each week. We also teach children about people who have made an outstanding contribution to society. 

Some of our assemblies teach the children about traditions and ceremonies in other faiths, about British values and the values of other cultures. The children are encouraged to have a tolerance for cultures and societies other than their own and to respect the beliefs of others. During worship and at other times of the day the children are given the opportunity to reflect and, if they wish, to pray. We say The Lord’s Prayer together and our school prayer:

In our loving school,

Bring joy to everyone,

Let us all be friends,

Help us to respect and support each other,

Let there be happiness, kindness and friendship.                               


In our loving school,

We thank you for experience and education,

And opportunities to help us in later life,

Help us to use our abilities in the best way we can,

Let there be trust, friendship and courage.