Admissions Policy and Procedures

We follow the Local Authority policy to take children at one point of entry.  Children admitted at the start of the September term must by five years old on, or before, 31st August of the following year.  These children will be taught the Foundation Stage curriculum. The LA will admit children in each school year up to, but not exceeding the school’s Standard Number. If the number of requests exceeds the number of places available, the following criteria apply in order of priority:


1.         Looked after children

2.         Children whose home address is in the area served by the school.

3.         Children who have siblings attending the school.

4.         Children whose parents choose the school on denominational grounds.

5.         All other applicants


If we do not have enough places for all the children in one of the above categories, priority will be given to children who fulfil more than one of the admission criteria.  If there are still insufficient places, a final decision will be made on the radial distance from home to school.  Parents of children who are unsuccessful in gaining a place will be informed in writing on the date laid down by the LA, and will be told of their right of appeal.

For further information on admission to our school please contact “Admissions” in West Berkshire on 01635 519780 or view their web page here: Admission Arrangements